Engineering | Commercial Vehicles

Smart engineering helps you create a commercial vehicle that works especially hard for the unique needs of your business.

Reinforced Attachment Points

In the cargo area, NV's multiple reinforced attachment points combined with flat interior walls to help racks and cargo-containment systems attach more securely, for enhanced longevity and peace of mind. On the roof, solid mounting points for roof racks help keep ladders and pipes securely fastened.

Electric Power Zones

Running the tools you need is easy with upfitter-reserved circuits and 120-volt outlets in the centre console and in the rear. Wiring has been specially designed to help provide plug-and-play integration, independent fusing and the flexibility to accommodate specialized wiring scenarios required by upfitters.

Customizable for a perfect fit

Unlike most vans, the NV series starts with a unique flat-wall interior design. This maximizes all-important floor space, plus opens up room at the top of the cargo-containment system. It's an ideal canvas for upfitters - and your own ingenuity.