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In a van, the cargo area is the business end of the vehicle. With the forklift-friendly, 243-degree opening rear doors that swing wide, large sliding side doors, and low step-ins and grab handles at all entry points, every NV model pays big dividends when loading.

High Roof

The NV High Roof model maximizes your opportunities with room that lets a 6-footer stand upright and move around with ease and floor space that can carry up to two 40" x 48" pallets. With up 9149 litres (323 cu. ft.) of space and a maximum cargo height of 1953mm (76.9"), getting the job done has never been easier.

Standard Roof

The NV Standard Roof offers a big work area even in the closest spots. With a roof height of just 2156mm (84.9"), you can negotiate the tightest parking structures, but still enjoy over 6629 litres (234.1 cu. ft.) of cargo space. And with its truck-like design, you'll find it's easier to see out of, enhancing maneuverability.

Other Features

  • 243-degree opening rear doors with non-intruding hinges
  • 6 floor-mounted 180-degree swivel D-ring tie-downs for added versatility
  • Three available cargo lights make it easy to find what you need
  • Magnetic bumpers secure doors when open